Thursday, 6 December 2012

once been the one

I have no idea when a man of almost 80 talks to me about " stream of consciousness" , "Joyce" , "Woolf" different works of "Dalli" , "Monet" and American painters I have never heard of ; complaining about his staff at a blablabla business office dealing with money going up down to heaven to hell , what the bloody hell to do.
He is so  calm and so white even the eyelashes,he thinks he's got a tenor voice, I wonder when he was again complaining about how he loved opera and what a pity it is he didn't end up a writer, could he listen to himself. he is not a tenor for sure he should be base always been at the shadow of the duet of the most beautiful lovely soprano and the full of proud tenor, thinking surely to himself what a pity he didn't end up in a tenor singer. or may be he decides to role the world over upside down making the Alto - Base voice the mainstream one.
he complains about the toilet flush, which is always making different noises, or the Chinese boy always being quiet or the dog always looking at him, but there is one thing he never complains about; my ignoring of whatever he says.

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